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The Famoza Company was established in 1996 in Sofia and its main activity is complete construction and repairs of roofs, import of roof materials for roofs. For 18 years a professional team has been formed, which has proven itself through qualitative expert labour and perfect work guarantee. The roof area we have worked on is over 200 000 sq.m.

The roof is an entire system, which has to be carried out precisely with qualitative labour, materials and elements in order to function correctly and trouble-free. We can offer you construction of new roofs as well as repairs and renovation of old ones by our specialized teams.

We work with proven producers of different kinds of roof materials and accessories, meeting the European and world requirements for quality construction, and we can deliver the quantity you would require in the whole country.

Our customers are big production companies, construction companies, hotels and private people.


2008 - Sixth NATIONAL BRAMAC COMPETITION of the Roofers

- for most significant project among all, covered with Bramac tiles and roof system for the roof of the ten-century monastery „St. George Zograf" in the Mount Athos.

- third place in the category "New construction – public buildings" for the second stage of holiday complex “Emerald” near the village Ravda.

2007 – Fifth National BRAMAC Competition – encouraging prize in the category "New construction – single- and multifamily houses".

2006 – Forth National BRAMAC Competition of the Roof Masters – third place in the category "New construction – public buildings".